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The Problems Inside North America's Largest Security Firm—
and Third-Biggest Employer

"And in Santa Monica, Calif., a property owner, John Alle, spent a year trying to convince the city to replace Allied with another company. The parking lots of downtown Santa Monica have been the scene of a murder, an attempted carjacking, and numerous drug deals since 2020, and Alle says the contract with Allied is partly to blame".

"Indeed, in Santa Monica, John Alle says that the new firm hired by the city in December is not a whole lot better than Allied. Crime is getting worse, he says, with police responding to more crimes, including stabbings, carjackings, and overdoses. He’s still advocating for more money to be spent on police, rather than on private security".


LA-area businesses report daily attacks on employees: 'We want more law enforcement.'

ABC 7 Jun 25 2024

Man accused of trying to drown woman, attacking two others on Santa Monica beach

The Santa Monica Lookout Jun 24 2024

Council Takes Up Promenade Sign Criticizing City

The Epoch Times Apr 19 2024

‘No More Needles in Our Parks,’ Say Santa Monica Residents Fed Up With LA County Program

NBC Apr 19 2024

Santa Monica residents protest to stop LA County's needle distribution program in city

SMDP Apr 17 2024

Posted inGovernment Reed Park protest highlights opposition to ongoing needle distribution program

Santa Monica Observer, Apr 15 2024

Protest Against the Free Needle Distribution Program in Downtown Santa Monica on April 16

Santa Monica Lookout, Apr 3 2024

Crime Driving Residents from Parks, Transit, Poll Finds by Jorge Casuso

Santa Monica Lookout, Mar 6, 2024

Monthly Poll Finds Support for Increasing Drug and Theft Penalties

Santa Monica Observer, Feb. 19, 2024

Ferrer, L.A. County Health Department Sued over Needle Distribution

Santa Monica Lookout, Feb. 16, 2024

Santa Monica Group Files Lawsuit Over Needle Program

Santa Monica Observer, Dec. 21, 2023

Response from Resident’s on the Proposal of Salary Increase for City Manger David White

Santa Monica Observer, Dec. 7, 2023

REI's Departure from Santa Monica Due to Crime According to Local Business Group

LAist, Oct 21, 2023

Barnes & Noble Returns To 3rd Street Promenade, The Latest Sign In The Strip's Rebound

Santa Monica Observer, Aug. 10, 2023

Santa Methica is Not Safe Reads New Sign on the Santa Monica Promenade

Circling the News, Aug. 9, 2023

Supervisor Horvath Addresses Harm Reduction and the $15 Million Returned

John and Ken Show June 26, 2023

Free Needle Distribution Program in Santa Moncia

Santa Monica Observer June 23, 2023

Yet Another Overdose in Palisades Park

Circling the News June 11, 2023

Needle Exchange Program Coming to a Public Park Near You (Part 1)

Needle Exchange Program Coming to a Public Park Near You (Part 2)

The Epoch Times June 2023

Santa Monica Residents Push Back Against Outdoor Needle Distribution Site for Homeless

Santa Monica Observer June 2, 2023

Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County Public Health Director, Defends Needle Distribution Program While Unable to Show it is Successful or Safe (Not to Mention "Healthy")

Santa Monica Observer June 2, 2023

After Stabbing Spree at Pier, Different Homeless People Set Fire to the Hills Above PCH in Santa Monica

Santa Monica Observer May 30, 2023

Two Women Assaulted, Two Men Stabbed by Apparently Homeless Man on Santa Monica Pier on Saturday Night

Santa Monica Observer May 24, 2023

LA County Runs Free Needle Distribution Program Across 7th Street From the Luxury Santa Monica Proper Hotel

Santa Monica Daily Press May 10, 2023

Santa Monica is famous

“WHAT ARE WE KNOWN FOR NOW? You know the sad litany. Mentally ill homeless on the streets, a disproportionately large population, with nowhere good to go, committing crimes and making a walk down the street a gamble for residents.”

Santa Monica Observer; May 2, 2023

Why Doesn't the City of Santa Monica Provide Immediate Shelter for the 800+ Homeless on the Streets?

Santa Monica Observer; April 10, 2023

How Long Will the City of Santa Monica Tolerate a Homeless Encampment in Palisades Park

Los Angeles Magazine; April 2023

signs of the times at santa monica promenade

The Epoch Times March 23, 2023

Santa Monica Residents Call for an End to Needle Exchange Program in Parks

Santa Monica Lookout March 23, 2023

Little Progress Moving Needle Exchange Program Indoors

Fox 11 March 13, 2023

Needle, Narcan handouts in Santa Monica parks spark outcry

Santa Monica Observer March 13, 2023

LA County Gives Away Needles and Bongs to Addicts in Santa Monica Parks and Tourist Attractions

Santa Monica Observer March 10, 2023

Conditions at the Santa Monica Main Library are Worse than Ever After Murder

SMDP March 9, 2023

Former city staff oppose hiring more city staff

ABC February 15, 2023

Santa Monica proclaims local emergency to help reduce homelessness

PATCH Feb. 7, 2023

Santa Monica Community Group Pleads With City To Address Crime


Santa Monica Lacks Safety for Visitors: Businesses Ask City for Help

ZERO HEDGE Jan. 17, 2023

"Santa Monica Is Not Safe" Billboard Returns, More On The Way


Officer Redican Offers His Perspective on Homeless at the Beach

LA Daily News December 29, 2022

‘Santa Monica is not safe’ sign on Third Street Promenade tells a complex story


Santa Monica property owners post sign in shopping area saying city 'is not safe' due to crime, homelessness. Fox and Friends.


Santa Monica IS NOT safe,’ Third Street Promenade sign claims. But data show crime is falling.

PATCH.com DECEMBER 20, 2022

'Santa Monica Is Not Safe' Banner Hung In Popular Shopping Hub: Report.

Telemundo DECEMBER 20, 2022

“Santa Mónica no es segura”: letrero genera controversia en famoso paseo de esa ciudad.


‘Santa Monica is not safe’ banner displayed over 3rd Street Promenade.

CBS News LA DECEMBER 20, 2022

Santa Monica Is Not Safe" sign stirring controversy at Third Street Promenade.

NBC News LA DECEMBER 20, 2022

‘Santa Monica is Not Safe': Sign Sparks Controversy on Third Street Promenade.

ABC News LA DECEMBER 19, 2022

'Santa Monica is not safe' - sign by local business owners draws attention to increase in crime. Monday.

Fox 11 DECEMBER 19, 2022 updated

Community, city reacts to 'Santa Monica is not safe' sign


Latest Stabbings Reveal the Violent Underbelly of Santa Monica After Dark: Chop Shops, Meth, Death on the Streets
By Bob Hoge | 11:30 AM on November 20, 2022

Santa Monica Observer

Santa Monica's Great Lie
Our leaders have left our city almost uninhabitable but they say it's really paradise because it's sunny and we have a beach.


Santa Monica is not safe. / October 9, 2022


Viewpoint: Housing and Care Needed for Those Preyed Upon./ October 9, 2022

CBS NEWS April 2, 2022

Santa Monica labeled as one of the most unsafe cities in California..

Santa Monica Observed

Many of Santa Monica's Homeless Are Armed. Fentanyl is the drug of choice. It can be purchased within 10 minutes for between $2 and $10..
Januarary 24, 2022

Santa Monica Daily Press

Property owner takes issue with homelessness on the Promenade. Local property owner John Alle is calling on the city to curb the increasing number of individuals who camp out in public elevators and garages, but city and police department leaders say their..
January 20, 2021

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